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Every summer since 1833, the Nashes’ church in Lawrenceville has had Campmeeting, a week of revival services held at a campground the church owns. (Pretty good summary here of the historical background to this tradition.) Melissa’s family has been going since she was about 8, and we went every year until we moved to Charlotte. (I’m told a big moment for M was when I came to Campmeeting for the first time and loved it.)

This year the tradition added another generation as Sam experienced Campmeeting, complete with an overnight stay. He loved it.

The Nash/Childers cabin (technically the Simon Peter cabin), where the two families have been staying for over 20 third-full-week-of-July’s.

The Nash/Hunts (minus Austin, who arrived about 5 minutes later), after a very special graduation ceremony for Grandma Cindi, who just finished her master’s degree from FSU.

The Childers/Stabler/Howicks (minus Brady, who by this time had been released with his bike).

My favorite thing about Campmeeting is the 50-foot-long covered dish line. Every night. For a week.

Sam’s favorite thing about Campmeeting is the sawdust.

Sam eating.

Sam eating.

Sam eating.

Sam after eating. One big mess of sawdust and pie.

Sam’s digs for the night. He slept pretty well after being stripped down and with a fan pointed right at him.

7 thoughts on “Campmeeting

  1. Oh my gosh, I totally remember that food line!! After filling my plate with a generous amount of fried chicken and about 10 different macaroni & cheeses…I'd top it off at the end with a mix of sweet tea and lemonade. Hmmm…cover dish…

  2. Oh man! The memories! I’m so glad Sam got the full experience. I missed it this year…WAY too pregnant! i did consider sneaking in at night for the homemade ice cream that always seemed to appear during the week.

  3. Not to be picky but 50 years is a lot – even for me. Per “History” on the church web site ( “the property was bought for the First United Methodist Church Camp Ground in 1832 and the first Camp Meeting was held in 1833”.

  4. Oooh… looks like Grampa Bill’s eyes are a little better than mine. Correcting the date now.

  5. in 2000 cabin raids were still allowed there (despite my begging for a change of rules). is that still true? seeing the outside of the nash/childers cabin reminded me of Mrs. Childers’ most original idea for a cabin raid…it ended badly for me.

  6. Admit it. That’s the way y’all slept too isn’t it? Stripped down with a fan pointed at you?

  7. We can neither confirm nor deny.

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