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Interlude: Rock the Vote 08


A lot’s going on right now. We’re still working out computer things, we’ve traveled some more, and mostly we’re getting ready to move next week (within Charlotte).

But nobody likes a dormant blog– least of all us. And so it is that we present to you the second-ever Blue Sky Poll, aka “Rock the Vote 08”. This is a vote for your favorite Blue Sky post. I got this idea from a conversation with some friends of M’s parents where they remembered some of the things they’d liked the best on the blog.

So here’s how it works: We’ve selected five posts we thought might stand out. (Sam’s birth announcement and one-year video were DQ’d out of fairness to other posts.) Check them out, jog your memory (or see them for the first time), then vote in the box to your left. Voting will commence immediately, and the winner will be announced Wednesday morning, August 13. Because you’ll all be so desperate to find out.

And the nominees are…

4 thoughts on “Interlude: Rock the Vote 08

  1. i voted for “sam hearts milkshakes” – how can you not love a kid downing something wholeheartedly?

  2. the splish splash pics don’t even look like Sam…he has really grown up a lot…tear (of happyness and loss together).cd

  3. At first glance, I thought that I would for sure vote for “Sam hearts milkshakes”. I mean, this was the blog post that I immediately posted on my OWN blog, even though I have a newborn son to show off. However…that was before I went back and read “Bad to the Bone”. No way I’m denying that post the glory that it’s due. Thanks for reminding me of it!!

  4. 5 o clock somewhere!! Although I heart Sam period I had to go with this. I mean karaoke is amazing and especially when melissa sings what a girl wants!!! It was magical.

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