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the hunts in prague

Feliz Navidad, Maria


Mary’s Birthday was last week. Our prayer quad helped Dave surprise her with a party at Salsa’s.
To celebrate, our waiters brought the birthday girl a shot.

It was her first shot. Ever.

Then, out of nowhere, they smeared a napkinful of whipped cream all over her face. It was totally random and totally hilarious. Nobody saw it coming.

Of course, everyone had to try on the birthday sombrero.
Dave’s looking very Tim Gunn here.

Senor y Senora Dirks


2 thoughts on “Feliz Navidad, Maria

  1. i never took spanish, but doesn’t feliz navidad mean merry christmas?? nonetheless…i love your blog. y’all have so much fun, and it makes me miss charlotte and seminary days!

  2. Ditto what Mere said about missing Charlotte days! And might I add that I was laughing out loud thinking about Mary getting smeared in the face with whipped cream…unexpectedly! Hilarious!

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