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Movin’ On Up


In the midst of birthday parties, farewell parties and the Olympics, we packed up four years of stuff and moved to another part of Charlotte! Our new landlords are friends from the church, and they graciously offered to rent their condo to us lease-free for next few months until we move to Prague.

Jake primed & covered our chocolate brown kitchen walls. And every other wall.

I packed. And packed. And packed.

Sam combed the city and collected packing materials.

In the midst of the packing, we came across this portrait of 6-year-old Jake that we had inherited a couple of years ago. We decided to take it out of the frame….

…and found this. Even-younger Jake hiding underneath. Fabulous.

Empty house. Empty walls.

The morning of the move, Sam was thrilled to see his own dad pull up in a real truck!

The boy was quickly whisked away for a day of fun with Grandma.

Unfortunately our amazing friends & movers got the shaft in the picture department. So here’s their shout out: Alex, Grae, Jay, Jeremiah, Michael, Peter, Tyler– thank you for everything!

Funny things happen during moves. Like outlet covers getting packed in the truck.

Jessica (also picture-less) came through with lunch. Thanks, Jessica!

This is our friend Becca. Here’s a summary of a little conversation we had.
Becca: Melissa, I have the neatest,cleanest, most-organized house of anyone in the world*. Do you want me to unpack your kitchen?
Me: Absolutely, I do.

*She didn’t really say this, of course. She’s also the most humble person in the world.

We’re loving the new place. Give us one more week to crawl out from under the boxes, and then come and visit anytime!

3 thoughts on “Movin’ On Up

  1. So bittersweet to see you all move out of Camden! But look at all of that cabinet space 🙂

  2. Loved seeing pictures of the new place! Also, 3 new posts and not even a whisper of the challenge word. You have been computerless though so I will cut you some slack. Game on!!

  3. Look how much young Jake looks like Sam. And look how tan little Sam is…have you guys been buttering him up at the pool??Ugghh…it looks like you guys had to do SO much work to move…priming and painting – yikes. Glad you had so much help. Can’t believe the Prauge date is getting closer… 😦

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