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Olympic Heaven


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the Olympics have taken over almost every household in America. I, for one, have been an Olympics fan since my first Mary Lou sighting in 1984. And I’ve been counting down to the 2008 Games since September 2004. So, needless to say, nothing was coming between me and the opening ceremonies.

To gear up, we had pork medallions for dinner. Get it? Medallions?!?! Here they represent the famous five rings. Well, loosely represent.

Sam got to stay up late to enjoy the celebration. Having just come back from the pool, I wasn’t about to miss a minute with silly tasks, ie- changing out of my swimsuit.

Later that week, Camilla came over in her tutu 0nesie to help Sam get into the Olympic spirit. That’s right. A tutu onesie.

2 thoughts on “Olympic Heaven

  1. Here is my comment. I am in the computer room right next to Robert’s bedroom where he has finally gone down for a nap. I am putting his nap at serious risk by reading your blog. I’ve had to cover my mouth (and nose) to keep the laughs suppressed. The onesie tutu almost did me in.

  2. Sure you didn’t want to change out of your swimsuit or are you just embarassed to tell us that you put theme wear on for the big opening.

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