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the hunts in prague

If having a kid didn’t seal it, this does.


Today we took a whole new step into adulthood: purchasing new furniture. We had no idea sitting down repeatedly could be so exhausting.

The winners were this tasty brown combo (new throw pillows will happen) and Melissa, who found the store’s plastic glass of plastic tea with plastic ice. So classy.

And a special shout-out to Lindsay Dyer and Melissa Kruger, who split Sam detail. This was the first time we’ve both left him for a whole day. I think he handled it a little better than we did.

(Melissa’s note: Yes, it looks a little like it belongs in a smoking den, and no, it’s not at all what we expected to get. But we did. And I have fabulous throw pillow ideas floating through my head. There you have it.)

6 thoughts on “If having a kid didn’t seal it, this does.

  1. i love that in one of the pics you can see the “sold” tag-so fun! can’t wait to come over and see them!

  2. I really love the couches!!

  3. I love them too. We had something similar in Charlotte and I really miss how comfy they are (maybe we can sit on them when you come to Prague?). Glad you found something!

  4. A good couch is an essential Gaffer/Howard/Paul overnight target!!!

  5. I’m sure it looks great in your place. You have good taste.

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