Blue Sky

the hunts in prague

7 thoughts on “Prodigy

  1. this video almost made me cry- he’s so cute and smart. I miss me some Sam!!

  2. I watched this video with Maggie and every time it ended she said more…so I think we watched at least five times before we cut her

  3. That….was…AWESOME!!! Loving the “Go dogs” at the end!

  4. So cute and smart. I especially love the elephant…we are still working on that one.

  5. i think you avoided the panda bear in the book. i’d like to hear that one. it’s nice of jake to let you and sam have THE red chair.

  6. So cute and very smart! A few other animal sounds that are sure to wow a crowd: a camel(make a spitting sound) a penguin(waddle, waddle…not technically a sound but it still works!) and a fish(make a fish face…again not technically a sound, but people always find it very cute when a toddler tries to make a fish face)!

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