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Capes Farewell

Our Life Group had a goodbye party for the Capes last weekend.

Side note: This goodbye party happened a few weeks after they moved, when they were back in town for Dave’s ordination. Might I suggest that more goodbye parties should happen like this when it’s possible. It seems counter-intuitive, I know. But they weren’t stressed about the move itself when we had the party, because it was over. And we were all together for the first time in a few weeks, which made it really special, and they were able to report on what their new life in Raleigh is looking like. So, there’s an idea you can have for free. The post-departure goodbye party.

There was dessert.

Adam made a delightful face.

There was a song.

There were pictures.

There was stimulating conversation.

This is right after Silas counted Baby Della’s toes, saying, with no prompting, “This little piggy went to market and got beer.”

There were rides.

Children were fed en masse, as is our custom.

There was meat. Good heavens, there was meat.

And cheese.

Lots of children (and Jessica).

And finally, there was a group shot. But not just any group shot– a group shot where we all dressed as our favorite middle school picture. You don’t get that at just any old life group, let’s just be honest.

It was a great night of celebrating the Capes, hearing about how God is taking care of them in Raleigh, and thanking him for 2 great years of life together. We miss you Capes… es!