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Back in the Saddle


Be honest: you were worried, weren’t you. Thought we were either not doing anything fun, or doing SO MUCH fun stuff there simply was no time to blog. Well, the truth is less exciting. Actually, our camera broke. That would be our second camera in 3 years. (No, I didn’t run over it. That’s the most frequently asked question.)

So there was what we call a “Dark Week.” (That’s the first time I’ve called it that.) And it was weird, because our video camera’s actually sick right now too, so there was no chronicling going on. It was weird, but somehow strangely liberating– no pressure to make sure you got a good shot, because there was no shot to be had.

At any rate, we’re back, with a new camera. So far so good. So there won’t be the kind of catch-up blogging you’ve come to expect, but you can see what we did this weekend.

Friday night we took in Blues, Brews, and Barbeque, which was part of the annual Charlotte Shout festival uptown. There was pork and fried stuff– what more could you want?

We arrived just barely too late for a pig talent show, but he did get to see the pig.

And sit on this plastic one, named Rufus.

And this one. Didn’t catch his name.


mmm mmm mmm ribs mmm mmm more please mmm

Trying to get down so he can chase down some samples, we think.

The boy gets a sense his world’s about to be rocked…

And then it was no holds barred. Funnel cake!

Sugar coma. Time to head home.

5 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle

  1. I love that sugar coma pic of you Melissa…you look fabulous. Also, I am so proud of Sam and how he smiles in almost all of the pictures what a happy little

  2. Melissa, you are too stylish to be a mama!!! You look great with your cute hairstyle and fun necklace! Hope to see you guys soon!

  3. That last picture is incredible and should be melissa’s new fb profiler for sure. Y’all look like y’all had a great time!!

  4. sugar coma and bbq sauce…delicious!

  5. “Too stylish to be a mama?”YES. Music too my ears.Thank you, KKP.

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