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The Sam and Daddy Show


Now that we have a Mac, Sam & I have periodic interviews. The first several he was pretty stonefaced, but now he’s really found his groove.

One thing I should note is that The Sam & Daddy Show often tapes on Saturday mornings, so the stars sometimes look a little rough.

8 thoughts on “The Sam and Daddy Show

  1. HE’s so big!!!! Such a big boy and very good live on camera.Does Mom usually sleep in on Saturday mornings while Daddy takes over? that’s what happens in the Stofer house 🙂

  2. Highlight of the video is Jake: “outside…. a donkey….”

  3. Just trying to get him back on topic. Sometimes it’s tough being a host.

  4. hilarious but i must say elephant is my favorite! donkey is a close second…

  5. oh I am a fan of the jake and sam show. good stuff.

  6. Sam is getting so big! Such a sweet video that will be so fun to watch many years down the road!

  7. I think Sam is saying “Go Cocks!” Remember what Churchill taught him?!

  8. No no NO. He is NOT saying that. NO.

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