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"Fire truck! Woo wooo!"

On the way back to the car after the barbeque festival, we passed a fire house. And the door was open. And the guys were outside. And they didn’t seem to mind one bit showing their gear off for a wide-eyed one-year-old who loves fire trucks.

There actually were some great smiles, but we’re still getting the hang of the new camera.

After we left we saw some goats. In Uptown Charlotte. Not kidding. How could a Friday night get any better?


Back in the Saddle

Be honest: you were worried, weren’t you. Thought we were either not doing anything fun, or doing SO MUCH fun stuff there simply was no time to blog. Well, the truth is less exciting. Actually, our camera broke. That would be our second camera in 3 years. (No, I didn’t run over it. That’s the most frequently asked question.)

So there was what we call a “Dark Week.” (That’s the first time I’ve called it that.) And it was weird, because our video camera’s actually sick right now too, so there was no chronicling going on. It was weird, but somehow strangely liberating– no pressure to make sure you got a good shot, because there was no shot to be had.

At any rate, we’re back, with a new camera. So far so good. So there won’t be the kind of catch-up blogging you’ve come to expect, but you can see what we did this weekend.

Friday night we took in Blues, Brews, and Barbeque, which was part of the annual Charlotte Shout festival uptown. There was pork and fried stuff– what more could you want?

We arrived just barely too late for a pig talent show, but he did get to see the pig.

And sit on this plastic one, named Rufus.

And this one. Didn’t catch his name.


mmm mmm mmm ribs mmm mmm more please mmm

Trying to get down so he can chase down some samples, we think.

The boy gets a sense his world’s about to be rocked…

And then it was no holds barred. Funnel cake!

Sugar coma. Time to head home.


No Girls Allowed

While M was relaxing in sunny Isle of Palms, the boys had a total ManTime weekend. No smelly girls or anything. It was totally awesome. And yes, there was food involved.

On Friday night we took advantage of our new stylish urban living and walked down to Fuel Pizza.

Sam perused Creative Loafing while we waited for our pizza. He’s all about the local music scene.

We thought about getting matching tatts across the street, but on second thought decided we’d wait until we could go to Midnight Iguana in Athens.

mmm… pepperoni…

(Not pictured: how, when working to get the very-hot pizza out of Sam’s eager reach, I let the whole pie start to slide off the tray. With half a pizza dangling from a fresh-from-the-oven pan, which was in my bare hands, I was able to scramble and salvage most of the toppings. Catastrophe averted.)

Several hours later, while working on unpacking and straightening, I happened upon this scene in the downstairs background. I have no idea who’s responsible.

Saturday morning we had pancakes. And Sam carried Stripes around by the trunk. In his mouth.

Then the couches were delivered. Pictures to follow.

Then we went to the park, meeting up on the way with our new friends the Perris from church. I didn’t get to take pictures. But Sam tore up the playground, recovered very quickly from a fall off a swing, played some more, and was rushed home with me practically shouting at him to keep him awake for lunch.

After his nap we tossed the ol’ pigskin around a bit to celebrate the Dawgs’ win. (Because the whole affair, from kickoff to final score, took place during his nap.)

And then, to DQ to share half a Blizzard™ (the rest we saved until after dinner).

Finally (for Saturday), no ManTime is complete without JAMBALAYA!! Sam did very well with his fork and ate all the sausage out. I gave him more.

No pics from Sunday, but here are the highlights:

  • Left the house 2 minutes ahead of schedule for church.
  • Went totally bink-less in the nursery, and didn’t cry either time I dropped him off.
  • More pizza at Brixx with our buddy Mr. Peter and a new friend Tim we met at church.
  • Nap.
  • Awesome time at the Sprayground with Maggie.
  • Mom finally came home! We were totally stoked. I slept in Monday.

We don’t want Mom running off all the time, but ManTime rocks.