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the hunts in prague


Scratchy Throat

Sam’s got a bit of the ol’ scratchy throat these days, and his voice sounds pretty funny.

Note: We think we know why he mentions a baby: He’s asking at one point for his bink (meee), but then remembers that we tell him that he’s a big boy, not a baby, and big boys only have binks in bed.


Apples to Apples

We traveled to Sky Top Apple Orchard last weekend with some church friends for a fun fall outing.

Family shot on the no-hay ride.

A real tractor- the boy’s in heaven!

David & Jude-the-lumberjack Weber

Now that‘s a pumpkin!

Apple donuts take pastries to a whole new level. Mmmmmmm…..

And finally off to the apple-picking. It was such a beautiful day!

Some of our fellow travelers: The Lathams, Shannon and Albert.

We let Sam “pick” some apples off the ground.
Then discreetly dumped those out and filled the basket with the ones we’ll use in our pie.

“Mommy! Who’s that scary children’s ministry director hiding in the tree?!”

Self Portrait with Granny Smith

Our finished peck. Pink Ladies and Granny Smiths.

We asked him to say, “cheese.” He decided to go for a snack instead.
Does it get any cuter?!


Nash Vegas

From the aquarium we headed onto Lawrenceville to see the Nashes.

Our first order of business: Collect the cool treats Mom & Dad brought back from their cruise to the Greek Isles- a pagmina(sp?), fun hats, limoncello, jewelry, coffee, and a cheese apron. Sweet.

Next: Start trying on Halloween paraphernalia.

My grandma and uncle, Peter, are visiting my parents for awhile- it’s so great to have them close by!

Andrew, Melissa & their crew came over and jammed on the utility boxes. I’m sure we’ll see the consequences of this as they reach their thirties.

Jake got Mom & Dad set up for Skype-ing and the kids tested it out.

Mom knows how to woo her favorite son-in-law.

Sam loves to read, especially with his Uncle Peter.

And what good Nash night doesn’t end with fancy beverages?
Jake & Mom made their favorite chocolate martinis.

Peter & I went with Dad’s famous strawberry daiquiris.

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Gone Fishin’

After leaving Warner Robins we headed up to the Georgia Aquarium with Lauren & Celia- it was such a fun treat to be there with them!

The touch pool was awesome.

Duuuuuh-dum. Duuuuuuh-dum. Duh-dum duh-dum duh-dum.
Lauren barely got away with her life.

Fast friends.

The beluga whales put on a great show.

This one’s for you, Mom. (Grandma Cindi loathes catfish.)

Sometimes it felt like we were living in ‘Finding Nemo.’ I was just dying to ride this big stingray to my first day of school.

Jellyfish. And Daddy’s fun camerawork.

Total exhaustion. Totally worth it.

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To Warner Robins We Go

From Grandmary’s we headed to Warner Robins, where we didn’t take as many pictures as you might expect. But here are some.

Sam celebrated a rite of passage that’s a big deal in the Alligood family: His first bowl of chili. Some of which he ate off his belly. Not really part of the rite of passage.

Pammie had a very special prize for Sam: a custom-made set of UGA scrubs!

Nene, Celia and I had some fun couch time. (Celia looks just like her mom, which is to say she looks a lot like Uncle Jake and Sam as well. There’s a picture of Lauren, my sister, when she’s about Sam’s age that looks like it could be any of the four of us.)

Nothin’ fancy, just doin’ a little readin’ in my frog boots. (Melissa’s note: This picture is a perfect reflection of Sam’s life these days. I love it.)

And while I helped Papa with some house projects, Sam and Melissa tickled the ivories a bit.
(Melissa’s note: Don’t be impressed. This was my sixth grade recital song. One of four still left in my brain.)