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the hunts in prague

Sam & Maggie’s Big Adventure


Total mayhem has descended upon Charlotte.
There’s no gas. Wachovia is nonexistent. And WalMart has run out of Size 5 Pampers.
It was time for Sam & Maggie to take some action.

Finalizing the plans

Some last-minute training- Maggie is a whole two months older than Sam, and had to show him some final points of managing the big-kid swing

Applying war paint

Scaling the wall

Descending into danger

Taming the wild beast

Almost in!

Digging for evidence (Sam does all the work, Maggie supervises)

Stealing second… and the ball

Run, Maggie! I’ll cover you!

Driving the getaway car

Escaping to the helicopter

Whew! It was a close one. And they can’t guarantee anything about Charlotte’s economy. But Sam & Maggie have done what they can.

7 thoughts on “Sam & Maggie’s Big Adventure

  1. Wow no wonder you guys were gone so long, you had a lot to do! And, Maggie being the top secret agent that she is didn’t even clue us in to her plans yesterday. But, I did sleep a little easier last night for some reason I didn’t know until today.

  2. We really appreciate the effort kiddos! Nice teamwork! That’s what I call active citizenship! May we all follow your example to do something to make this world (and our economy) a little better.

  3. I can’t wait to get to Charlotte and have a meeting with these two so that they can come to Columbia and reenact their entire program here!! I had no idea who/what we were dealing with when they were here before!! But I like it!!

  4. so fun…love the commentary

  5. That is one of the funniest blogs you have ever written. At what point did you decide to document the story?

  6. I’m a Brazilian. My english is not very good. Then, I’m sorry for the following wrongs in your language.I think this blog very sweet. It’s good see happy families, and men who like children. “Eu gostei muito!”(Portuguese)

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