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the hunts in prague

Vacuum Ripe for Filling

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A friend of ours wrote this on his blog– good word, Sean Kirkland.

I am not proposing or saying that Obama is the anti-Christ. I don’t have the capacity or authority to do so. However, I am alarmed at the atmosphere I see around me today. With wars being fought in many nations, with our economy close to ruins, with many families and marriages facing the breaking point, people are in a desperate place. One of the side effects of this situation is the vacuum created for someone to come along and be the focus of people’s hope. A sort of savior, if you will. What’s seen in this video is one example of the type of false hope I’m referring to. There are other videos of a similar nature, showing a level of faith unfathomable for a mere human to live up to. Obama has an impossible mantle placed on his shoulders by the expectations of so many people.

While this atmosphere is scary and even downright creepy, I see it as an opportunity for people to seek and find a true answer to their troubles. In this time, people looking for hope and someone to worship can look past the confines of our earthly realm and see into eternity. Jesus is the only One worthy of praise and the only One who can bring hope, happiness, and freedom.

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