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To Grandmary’s House We Go


We went on one of our famous marathon swings through Georgia this weekend. First stop was Grandmary’s house in Elberton, the Granite Tombstone Capital of the World. I (Jake) spent lots of great summer weeks here as a kid, have lots of fun cousin memories, and so was excited for Sam to get to explore Grandmary’s fun house.

After a couple of quick laps through the museum that is her house, we headed down to my old stomping grounds: the creek way back in the woods.

Elberton has a lot of granite.

Next, to the playground. My grandfather had an uber-industrial-strength swing set put in (and by “in” I mean 3 feet of concrete) in the late 1950’s. Legend has it that people laughed at him, and he replied, “My grandchildren are going to play on that swing set.” That was definitely the case, and now we can add great-grandchildren.

The slide was a little dusty.

Sam did a little heavy lifting with Uncle Howard…

…and ate, and ate, and ate, which made both him and Grandmary happy.

One last stop: When you leave Grandmary’s you have to have your picture taken by the clock, to show how you’re growing. (This happened into my college years.) Here’s Sam’s first clock shot.

And this was the scene about 7 minutes after we got back into the car.

Thanks for a great visit Grandmary! We’ll see you again soon!

3 thoughts on “To Grandmary’s House We Go

  1. Ooh…nothing better than a good and tired out little boy. He’s so sweet, you guys. I love that he crosses his feet like that – Jack does it too.p.s. I had to do the word verification puzzle twice – sometimes it’s hard to tell what those letters are. Sheez!p.p.s. Okay…3rd attempt.

  2. I’m just hoping that as he grows taller, you will let him wear pants in the picture.Nothing guarantees adult counseling like middle school pictures in your underwear.I’m guessing.

  3. Melissa you are looking so cute and outdoorsy- you are a stylin’ mom.

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