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To Warner Robins We Go

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From Grandmary’s we headed to Warner Robins, where we didn’t take as many pictures as you might expect. But here are some.

Sam celebrated a rite of passage that’s a big deal in the Alligood family: His first bowl of chili. Some of which he ate off his belly. Not really part of the rite of passage.

Pammie had a very special prize for Sam: a custom-made set of UGA scrubs!

Nene, Celia and I had some fun couch time. (Celia looks just like her mom, which is to say she looks a lot like Uncle Jake and Sam as well. There’s a picture of Lauren, my sister, when she’s about Sam’s age that looks like it could be any of the four of us.)

Nothin’ fancy, just doin’ a little readin’ in my frog boots. (Melissa’s note: This picture is a perfect reflection of Sam’s life these days. I love it.)

And while I helped Papa with some house projects, Sam and Melissa tickled the ivories a bit.
(Melissa’s note: Don’t be impressed. This was my sixth grade recital song. One of four still left in my brain.)

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