Blue Sky

the hunts in prague

Nash Vegas


From the aquarium we headed onto Lawrenceville to see the Nashes.

Our first order of business: Collect the cool treats Mom & Dad brought back from their cruise to the Greek Isles- a pagmina(sp?), fun hats, limoncello, jewelry, coffee, and a cheese apron. Sweet.

Next: Start trying on Halloween paraphernalia.

My grandma and uncle, Peter, are visiting my parents for awhile- it’s so great to have them close by!

Andrew, Melissa & their crew came over and jammed on the utility boxes. I’m sure we’ll see the consequences of this as they reach their thirties.

Jake got Mom & Dad set up for Skype-ing and the kids tested it out.

Mom knows how to woo her favorite son-in-law.

Sam loves to read, especially with his Uncle Peter.

And what good Nash night doesn’t end with fancy beverages?
Jake & Mom made their favorite chocolate martinis.

Peter & I went with Dad’s famous strawberry daiquiris.

3 thoughts on “Nash Vegas

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  2. That Cindi Nash is so swanky!!! chocolate martinis.

  3. Looks like a fun trip down south. Um, is that JAke’s sister with a baby? Has time passed that quickly?

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