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the hunts in prague

Apples to Apples


We traveled to Sky Top Apple Orchard last weekend with some church friends for a fun fall outing.

Family shot on the no-hay ride.

A real tractor- the boy’s in heaven!

David & Jude-the-lumberjack Weber

Now that‘s a pumpkin!

Apple donuts take pastries to a whole new level. Mmmmmmm…..

And finally off to the apple-picking. It was such a beautiful day!

Some of our fellow travelers: The Lathams, Shannon and Albert.

We let Sam “pick” some apples off the ground.
Then discreetly dumped those out and filled the basket with the ones we’ll use in our pie.

“Mommy! Who’s that scary children’s ministry director hiding in the tree?!”

Self Portrait with Granny Smith

Our finished peck. Pink Ladies and Granny Smiths.

We asked him to say, “cheese.” He decided to go for a snack instead.
Does it get any cuter?!


2 thoughts on “Apples to Apples

  1. I love this day and look forward to a day (next year?) when we can do the same. Sam should always be in overalls – too cute!

  2. Y’all look like you are having fun! Lots of yummy apples. I also loved the scratchy throat video. Too cute.

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