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the hunts in prague


Tricks and Treats

It’s been really cold in Charlotte this week, so we’re finding new & creative ways to spend our mornings inside.

I’m not sure how we got to this point. Shirtless and boots? Either way, Sam has mastered ball rolling.

And another new trick, this one on the Sit-n-Spin.
Guess who’s doing all the work?

He figured this one out on his own. And that’s leftover pb&j on his pants.

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While Jake & Sam Were Eating…

Our church women’s retreat was this weekend in Montreat, NC. It was a fantastic time of hanging out with the ladies, digging into God’s word and just getting away from normalcy for awhile. I was super thankful to Jake for holding down the fort in Charlotte so that I could go.

My sweet ‘prayer square-‘ also my carpool buddies for the trip: Mary, Lindsay, Me & Carrie

When we arrived in Montreat Friday night, we decided to hit the classiest joint in town.
I don’t think I’ve been inside a Pizza Hut since 5th grade. Nothing’s changed. A deliciously indulgent way to start the weekend.

On Saturday I took a great hike up the mountain near Montreat. At the peak our group saw a gorgeous rainbow. It was so close and so bright and so beautiful, we were just breathless standing there looking at it. And we could see both ends.
[No gold or leprechauns, though.]

Apparently this thing was visible across the southeast.

A new friend and retreat roommate, Janet. She’s an attorney. I am in awe.

Our fabulous small group: Amber, Lisa Marie, Me, Heather, Susan, April & Dottie. Look how color-coordinated we were!

It was snowing in this picture as we packed up to go. Can’t you see it?

Thanks to all for a wonderful weekend. Especially to those who fed my boys while I was away.

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Congratulations, Mary!

When I was a junior in college, I had a cell group leader named Mary.
We haven’t kept in touch, but I came across this picture from her wedding this weekend.
This was their first dance.

I have no idea about the story behind it, but think it’s the most hilarious thing I’ve seen in a long long time, so I had to blog it. Here’s to more wedding surprises.


ManTime II, or, The Very Hungry Toddler

Melissa is on the Uptown women’s retreat, so Sam and I had another man weekend. M took the camera this time, so all you get is narration. I shall do my best.

Sam spent Friday afternoon with Mr. Tyler and his friend-of-friends Maggie. They are much easier to keep together than they are individually. They made me a fun sign for my last day of work and toasted me upon my arrival.

After that, the weekend is best summarized along the lines of what Sam ate. Friday night we had jambalaya, which is what I usually have if M is gone, and of course now Sam can join in too. Jambalaya, you will recall, has sausage in it, which looks an awful lot like ‘ot DAWWG. Result: Sam loves jambalaya.

This morning Sam ate two (2) scrambled eggs while waiting on blueberry pancakes. Then he ate four (4) blueberry pancakes. That means he and I had the same size breakfast. Since I weigh a little under 1000% as much as him, I’m counting that as a light meal for me. Moral victory.

A little later we went to Daddy Doughnut Day at the library. Sam ate a doughnut hole, a Mootown Snacker, and a box of raisins before I cut him off. That brings us to circa 10 AM.

After a good chunk of park time and a mercifully quick trip to Wal-Mart, it was time for lunch. I had (graciously, I thought) saved Sam the rest of the jambalaya, since I may or may not have had another serving after he went to bed. But after a few bites, he liked the look of my roast beef sandwich better. So we switched. Then he ate a banana.

After his nap, he joined me for the last few minutes of the Auburn game, then we tossed the pigskin around ourselves, followed by some cheese crackers. For dinner, he had a spinach salad, some pasta with chicken and cream sauce (I had to cut him off of angel hair pasta), and then we split a little over half of a small Oreo Blizzard. Moral victory #2.

Now he’s in bed, and I’m making sure the kitchen is stocked for tomorrow. You have to stay at least one step ahead of him– don’t want to be around if he finishes his last bite and you don’t have anything else up your sleeve. Come home Melissa!