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Toddler Trick-or-Treating


We celebrated Halloween night at the Dyers’ house with the Dirks and a million family members. After feasting on chili we headed out to Dilworth for some trick-or-treating.

Sam donned his elephant costume and was accompanied by two adorable lady bugs.

Kelsey was here and joined in the fun.

We had a paparazzi of 15 (FIFTEEN!) adults escorting three toddlers around. Out of control.

Our first house in fabulous Dilworth.

Trick-or-treating with 12″ legs takes a long time…

…a LONG time.

Sam considered himself invited IN to every house we visited. He had to be removed more than once.

Sweet Henry Dirks dressed like a blanket for his first holiday.

Dads & Tots

3/4 of our prayer square was out: Carrie, Me & Lindsay. We missed you, Mary!
Well, at least some of us are looking at the camera.

2 thoughts on “Toddler Trick-or-Treating

  1. I was also a ladybug for Halloween. Didn’t go so smoothly. I should have gone for elephant.

  2. I don’t know…. the trunk could’ve caused the same type of disaster.Maybe (as evidenced by your new cast) it’s better if you just stay home.I kid. I kid.

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