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The Gaffer Comes to Visit

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Gaffer (or “Go-Go,” depending on who’s talking) came and spent Sunday with us. He and Sam had a great time.

Sam found a new audience for his famous animal noises.

Sadly enough, Sam loves computers (“go-dee-dee“). He has some serious tantrums when he sees ours and we won’t open it up. Gaffer helped by bringing him his very own “go-dee-dee”. (Actually, it looked an awful lot like my old Etch-A-Sketch™, but whatev.)

What Sam hasn’t really caught onto yet, but Mama & Daddy are pumped about, is his new toy chest, which we found on Craigslist in Georgia and Gaffer very kindly picked up while he was down there. This coffin-like contraption is the stuff of our cluttered dreams.

We love you Gaffer! Come again soon!

One thought on “The Gaffer Comes to Visit

  1. i hate to tell you, but sam’s going to figure out really soon that his “go-dee-dee” isn’t real. toddlers just have a sense about these things. don’t be too surprised if it ends up at the bottom of that toy chest and you continue to have to give spankings regularly for touching the real laptop, even though he’s been told 50 times a day, every day, not to. at least, that’s what happened at our house…

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