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While Jake & Sam Were Eating…

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Our church women’s retreat was this weekend in Montreat, NC. It was a fantastic time of hanging out with the ladies, digging into God’s word and just getting away from normalcy for awhile. I was super thankful to Jake for holding down the fort in Charlotte so that I could go.

My sweet ‘prayer square-‘ also my carpool buddies for the trip: Mary, Lindsay, Me & Carrie

When we arrived in Montreat Friday night, we decided to hit the classiest joint in town.
I don’t think I’ve been inside a Pizza Hut since 5th grade. Nothing’s changed. A deliciously indulgent way to start the weekend.

On Saturday I took a great hike up the mountain near Montreat. At the peak our group saw a gorgeous rainbow. It was so close and so bright and so beautiful, we were just breathless standing there looking at it. And we could see both ends.
[No gold or leprechauns, though.]

Apparently this thing was visible across the southeast.

A new friend and retreat roommate, Janet. She’s an attorney. I am in awe.

Our fabulous small group: Amber, Lisa Marie, Me, Heather, Susan, April & Dottie. Look how color-coordinated we were!

It was snowing in this picture as we packed up to go. Can’t you see it?

Thanks to all for a wonderful weekend. Especially to those who fed my boys while I was away.

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