Blue Sky

the hunts in prague

Tricks and Treats


It’s been really cold in Charlotte this week, so we’re finding new & creative ways to spend our mornings inside.

I’m not sure how we got to this point. Shirtless and boots? Either way, Sam has mastered ball rolling.

And another new trick, this one on the Sit-n-Spin.
Guess who’s doing all the work?

He figured this one out on his own. And that’s leftover pb&j on his pants.


4 thoughts on “Tricks and Treats

  1. Gah! He’s just so stinkin cute, Melissa!

  2. Sam you are absolutely adorable. I had to shield Maggie’s eyes when we looked at you shirtless though. She’s already got it pretty bad for you and I think seeing those pics might have sent her over the edge.

  3. Sorry, Dirks. We’ll work on our modesty. Sam IS a feast for the eyes, after all.

  4. I love the action shot…that face is priceless! Y’all seem to have fun even all cooped up inside!

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