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the hunts in prague

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Over The River and Through The Woods- Part I

Our first Christmas stop was in Lawrenceville to see the Nashes & the Clarks.

The Nashes (heart) game nights. This time it was Rummikub.

Violet (hearts) game nights, too.

My brother, Andrew, used to don a hard hat and green boots, just like these, and ride this pink bike all over the place.

Raise your hand if your grandma has a Braille machine….?!!

The plethora of wrapping paper tubes helped us perfect our t-ball skills.

We hated that we had to miss Mom’s performance of Handel’s Messiah, so we checked in on her rehearsal at the church. See the arrow?

Sing, Ooh-la-la! (<– Mom's grandma name, as of Thanksgiving)

Hours were spent here, sitting on the stairs with Grampa and watching Violet chase the ball over and over and over again.



Guess what Sam got for Christmas?

Vintage, baby.

I was very pumped to be putting my boy’s Christmas present together. Grown-up stuff.

We almost woke him up, we were so excited.

He warmed up by helping us open our presents, and then…

Melissa’s note: I take full credit for the shoddy wrapping job.

The next day he learned that he has to wear his “hat” when he rides his bike. But that’s OK, because Daddy wears his “hat” too.

You could hear him all over the neighborhood:

Daddy. At.

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Cinematic Christmas

Christ Central Church hosted a series of Christmas movies at the Neighborhood Theatre this year, which was a really cool idea. The night before our family Christmas we headed there to take in our favorite Christmas movie, A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Not much of a crowd yet.

You’d be surprised how hard it was to take this picture.

First hot chocolate! Loved it, not surprisingly.

First popcorn. See last comment.

Whether it was Linus dropping the Gospel on Charlie Brown or the continual pounding of popcorn, he got through the whole thing and remained still and quiet!

This has become one of our favorite Christmas memories. It was so sweet to sit there with our little boy and see him experiencing everything for the first time.

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There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays

I escaped for a little down time and was about to check my email when I overheard this conversation going on in the kitchen.

Grandma: What are you making there?

Dad: Sausage balls. (a Nash family tradition)
Grandma: Hmmmm?
Grandma: What’s in those? I’ve never had those before.
Dad: Bob Evans sausage…
Grandma: Hmmmm?
Grandma: That means nothing to me. I don’t know who he is. I don’t know what he makes. So sausage. What else?
Dad: Bisquick and cheddar cheese.
Grandma: Bisquick and what?
Grandma: No sausage?


Virginia is for Lovers…. of the Purdys!

From DC we drove south to Richmond where our sweet friends, the Purdys, live. Matt and Jake graduated from RTS together and he & Kristen have two boys, Owen (2) and Baxter (9mo).

Sam thought ‘Oh-Yay’ was the coolest person he’d ever met, and Owen was more than kind to share his life with this loud visitor for a few days.

Matt is an assistant pastor at West End Presbyterian Church, and he showed us around their new meeting spaces.

We Skyped in the McCanns for a visit.

On Saturday the Purdys took us downtown to the Richmond Christmas parade- it was Sam’s first and a great way to spend the morning!

Owen LOVES drums and was mezmerized by the marching bands.

Baxter enjoyed the parade, too, but I thought this picture was hilarious.

On Saturday night Richmond got some snow, and I am always excited about group pictures in the snow. Only this time I didn’t realize the video was on. It’s just hilarious to see people standing still for a video camera.


Master Hunt Goes to Washington

Last week we trekked to DC to visit our dear friends the Stofers. John & Kristi were both in our wedding, started dating a little later, got married, and now have a precious 7-month-old named Jack.

Sam loved his new friend ‘Bebe Dak’…

…and wanted to try out all his cool gear.

Kristi was the hostess with the mostest.

Since they couldn’t be with us like last time, we caught up with the Griffiths via Skype.

The Stofers live on Capitol Hill and are just a few blocks from- that’s right- The US Capitol! They also have a cool stroller with a nifty second-child add-on. Sam & Jack test drove it on our way to the new visitors’ center.

Sam whetted his political appetite and was determined to make some changes in Washington.

In the meantime, Jake got one step too sassy with the capitol police.

Someone ruined his own afternoon nap with a 5-minute snooze in the stroller (!!!!!), so the Hunts spent the afternoon making up obstacle courses at the neighborhood playground.

A few more pictures from the weekend:

One morning I woke up with a giant line down my right eye. Just call me Scaaaaaarrrrrr….

One last group shot– thanks for a wonderful weekend, Stofers!