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Deck the Halls 08


Yesterday we started Christmas decorating. Sam was a lot more involved than last year.

This one, son?

No, Daddy, this one right here.

Did we get the Lowe’s guy to take our picture? Absolutely we did.

She asked me to put the beads on the tree. I don’t see the problem.

The decorating took place post-bedtime, so Sam got the full unveil this morning. Sorry it’s so dark… think of it as mysterious.

4 thoughts on “Deck the Halls 08

  1. Jake, I love your bead-work!!! And I (sincerely) love the gold star on top. I need one like that. Where did you get yours?Merry Christmas, Sammy!!!!

  2. I think we got it at Target… in 2002. But I’m sure there’s something similar out there 🙂

  3. nice tree and loved Sam’s “Merry Christmas” (He looked right at me when he said it… I saw him). We got a 3 ft. fake tree and it is sitting in our duplex undecorated at the moment. However, it does have presents underneath it.

  4. hey girlie… our star is from target too. our calendar is the advent one from desiring god. I think it’s specifically called a noel calendar. the cool thing about it is it has a whole story you read every day building on the previous parts. our kids love it. i love that it is what it is and it’s simple, but with a great meaning. that was cheesy, but true!!!

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