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Master Hunt Goes to Washington


Last week we trekked to DC to visit our dear friends the Stofers. John & Kristi were both in our wedding, started dating a little later, got married, and now have a precious 7-month-old named Jack.

Sam loved his new friend ‘Bebe Dak’…

…and wanted to try out all his cool gear.

Kristi was the hostess with the mostest.

Since they couldn’t be with us like last time, we caught up with the Griffiths via Skype.

The Stofers live on Capitol Hill and are just a few blocks from- that’s right- The US Capitol! They also have a cool stroller with a nifty second-child add-on. Sam & Jack test drove it on our way to the new visitors’ center.

Sam whetted his political appetite and was determined to make some changes in Washington.

In the meantime, Jake got one step too sassy with the capitol police.

Someone ruined his own afternoon nap with a 5-minute snooze in the stroller (!!!!!), so the Hunts spent the afternoon making up obstacle courses at the neighborhood playground.

A few more pictures from the weekend:

One morning I woke up with a giant line down my right eye. Just call me Scaaaaaarrrrrr….

One last group shot– thanks for a wonderful weekend, Stofers!

3 thoughts on “Master Hunt Goes to Washington

  1. Yay! Great summary from a great trip. My favorite is Jake with the Capitol Police. Ha,ha!!! P.S. Love your thank-you note stationary. Man, having a child really opens up a lot of possibilities! 🙂

  2. Hey Mel I like that Duke sweatshirt can I borrow it when I see you in Dec. for a Duke game in Jan.

  3. I’d be honored… you know you’ll be shedding it as soon as you get in there, though! Sweaty sweaty…

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