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Cinematic Christmas

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Christ Central Church hosted a series of Christmas movies at the Neighborhood Theatre this year, which was a really cool idea. The night before our family Christmas we headed there to take in our favorite Christmas movie, A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Not much of a crowd yet.

You’d be surprised how hard it was to take this picture.

First hot chocolate! Loved it, not surprisingly.

First popcorn. See last comment.

Whether it was Linus dropping the Gospel on Charlie Brown or the continual pounding of popcorn, he got through the whole thing and remained still and quiet!

This has become one of our favorite Christmas memories. It was so sweet to sit there with our little boy and see him experiencing everything for the first time.

One thought on “Cinematic Christmas

  1. Awesome! There’s nothing like Charlie Brown Christmas. That movie rocks! How is it still being played in our secular progressive society on cable tv? Glad Sam could sit through it all – that’s pretty amazing.

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