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the hunts in prague



Guess what Sam got for Christmas?

Vintage, baby.

I was very pumped to be putting my boy’s Christmas present together. Grown-up stuff.

We almost woke him up, we were so excited.

He warmed up by helping us open our presents, and then…

Melissa’s note: I take full credit for the shoddy wrapping job.

The next day he learned that he has to wear his “hat” when he rides his bike. But that’s OK, because Daddy wears his “hat” too.

You could hear him all over the neighborhood:

Daddy. At.

3 thoughts on “Biiiieeeke!

  1. i guess santa knew what boys wanted this year. Miles got a very similar bike.

  2. 8 – the number of times Sam said “bike” in that video. 20 – the number of times John said “he’s so cute” when watching this video. This really is so sweet, you guys. What Christmas dreams are made of! And I must say…that Sammy took to that bike like a duck to water. He climbed right on with NO hesitation!!

  3. I LOVE that he knew it was a bike before Jake even finished bringing it out! That was AWESOME! And Kristi- I love that you counted how many times he said “bike” 🙂 Man, he is one cute kid!!

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