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Miles of Smiles

Jake’s old roommate, Duane, came to visit with his sweet wife, Jessica, this weekend.
Their son, Miles, is only a few weeks younger than Sam and their lives seem almost identical.

They looooove to play outside….

…. and can conquer some serious mountains.

They love to dance. Shirtless.

They looooove Elmo. Too much, really.

They loooove to play with toys,

and looooove to play in the bath.

Their strongest tie?
They looooove to eat…

…and eat…

…and eat…

…and eat.

Thanks for coming guys! (And sorry we don’t have more pictures of the adults– we had a lot of fun too.)

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C is for Cookie!

For the last 2 weeks Sam has been saying “Cookie” about every three seconds. We didn’t teach him this word, and we very rarely have cookies at home, so who knows. But yesterday, after snowman construction and Inauguration watching, we thought baking cookies would be a good winter activity.