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One Sick Puppy

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By the time we got home from Christmas travels on the 26th, our sweet boy was in rough shape.
After a loooong weekend of sleeplessness and fevers, we got him into the doctor where he was diagnosed with double ear infections, wheezing/bronchitis, and gunk from head to toe.
He wasn’t the only one.

Along with a plethora of other meds, Sam was put on a nebulizer to relax his lungs and help him breathe.
The good news was that he got to watch TV while he did his treatments, a rare treat.

One day, he donned the ‘ole carpentry glasses for the ordeal. Why not?

A good excuse for cuddling with Dad.

One thought on “One Sick Puppy

  1. Poor Sambo!! Jack is currently on antibiotics for an ear infection also. They ARE so sweet when they’re sick though…not that it’s worth it to see them go through it…but they’re sweet.

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