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Lucy Comes to Town (and her fam too)

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Frequent readers will recognize our great friends Sean & Lindsey, and their little girls Lucy & Ellie. They are missionaries in Honduras.

The McCanns were in the States for a couple of weeks around Christmas. They spent a couple of days in Charlotte and we all had a blast!

We started out with a mass play-date at Carrie & Tyler’s, where the dads watched the kids while the moms had adult time at Starbucks. (Adult time for dads took place later at Thomas St Tavern.)

Sam, Lucy, and Maggie have a little craziness. (What was that whole thing about jumping on the bed? Whatever.)

The next morning was pancake binge and PJ time. Sam showed Lucy his favorite game, “HIT IT!”, which he learned from Owen Purdy.

Then a tickle fight. Standard lazy morning stuff.

Lucy’s refrain the whole visit was “Come on, Sam!”

Don’t try to look away. The cuteness will follow you.

Sam gave Baby Ellie some very gentle kisses.

The kids tore up the park.

Lucy goes in for the smooch while Sam gives a knowing sideways glance.

And here’s pretty much what they’ll look like as an 80-year-old couple.

The bicycle’s not built for two, but whatev.

For most of bath time Sam refused to share the tub (although he didn’t have any qualms last time). I guess we can be happy about that.

Although you’d never know it from the pictures, the adults had a really good time too. (You can see a slightly different photo selection at their blog.) We are so glad we got to have this time with our friends and miss them already!

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