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the hunts in prague

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The Great Es-Capes

We finally made it to Raleigh to see the Capes and meet Baby Taite! We had a delightful Capes/Hunt weekend, which is to say we ate and hung around and ate.

And watched Horton Hears a Who. Sam liked it, except for the parts in Who-Ville, where he would just say “elephant?” over and over until Horton reappeared.

Lots of snuggling, as you can see.

The kids didn’t spill anything, but Melissa had a strange mishap with some barbeque sauce.

The boys had a very long, loud, splashy bath. The girls fussed over them for a few minutes before being escorted out.

There was lots of roughhousing.

But not with Baby Taite.

Mr. Adam made sausage, as is his custom.

Sam returned Taite’s bink every time he found it. And brought him lots of other toys, most of which were too big but appreciated.

Sam discovered Ovaltine, which is too bad because we don’t have it at home.

Natalie, Paige, and Taite won a game of Settlers.

And after visiting Lindsey’s new church, we all went out to dinner. 6 adults, 7 kids, and several unfortunate fellow patrons.

Sam is still talking about his friends– and he played by himself a lot better this week after running around with the kids all weekend! We miss you Capes!


Pick it Out

Sometimes after Sam’s bath I try to get his hair as big as I can. Especially if Mom’s not around. Tonight I was very impressed with our results– photo-worthy. Not sure how well the pictures show the ‘fro, but they’re cute either way.



Just a couple of quick Sam stories from the last week.


On Thursday Sam spent the morning playing with his BFF Maggie. Maggie, being a girl, invited Sam to join her for a tea party. Sam, being a boy, did not understand this game until Maggie had carefully stacked all the materials. Then he knew it was his cue to grab a baseball bat and “HIT IT!!” Maggie was not amused. We think they’ve patched things up, though.


One of Sam’s favorite books right now is a picture book where a baby duck follows a boy home from the park. In the background of the park scene, very unrelated to the story, is a picture of a guy sitting on a park bench with a goatee, short hair and glasses. Every time we see that page Sam points and says “Daddy.”


Sam and Melissa do crafts every now and again, and last week M found a package of glue sticks in the sale bin, so now Sam’s learning how to use glue sticks. He calls them “Not Chapstick.” I’ll leave you to ponder how that came about.