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the hunts in prague



Just a couple of quick Sam stories from the last week.


On Thursday Sam spent the morning playing with his BFF Maggie. Maggie, being a girl, invited Sam to join her for a tea party. Sam, being a boy, did not understand this game until Maggie had carefully stacked all the materials. Then he knew it was his cue to grab a baseball bat and “HIT IT!!” Maggie was not amused. We think they’ve patched things up, though.


One of Sam’s favorite books right now is a picture book where a baby duck follows a boy home from the park. In the background of the park scene, very unrelated to the story, is a picture of a guy sitting on a park bench with a goatee, short hair and glasses. Every time we see that page Sam points and says “Daddy.”


Sam and Melissa do crafts every now and again, and last week M found a package of glue sticks in the sale bin, so now Sam’s learning how to use glue sticks. He calls them “Not Chapstick.” I’ll leave you to ponder how that came about.

5 thoughts on “Anecdotes

  1. love the one about sam calling the guy in the book daddy – that is hilarious!

  2. “Not Chapstick.” Classic. Maybe we need to teach Brody that poop is called “Not Fingerpaint.”-Rebecca

  3. These stories are great! And little Brody up there…um,wow.

  4. So funny! I never thought I’d appreciate the “non-toxic” part of craft stuff until Nancy came along!

  5. Not Chapstick…yes, I understand. Everytime we see the tub Rae says, “No no, no. No poo-poo in the tub!”

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