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the hunts in prague


On the Run

Sam is at the little-boy stage where he runs everywhere he goes. The other day we were both running out in the yard and I noticed he was very carefully studying my arms, then imitating what I was doing. So now he has this funny run, which you can see especially in a couple of points below.

Related: it’s easy to entertain him. “Sam, you wanna go outside and run?”

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Nash Vegas Comes to Charlotte

(Yes, I know Nash Vegas normally refers to Nashville. You try and come up with a clever title for every single post.)

A couple of weekends ago M’s family came up for a visit. It was a great spring weekend and we had a blast!

Ooh-La-La (yes, that’s what Sam calls Cindi) had heard about an unfortunate mishap with Sam’s first “makaba,” so she and Grampa had a special prize.

Lots of drawing and Play-Do.

Grandma Anne shared her Penguin sandwich with Sam, who was clearly going hungry otherwise.

Don’t waste those fries. That’s my boy.

Grampa drew a BIG TRUCK!

And we all got naps.

Thanks for coming sweet family!


FAQ Re: Hunt #2

Thanks for all your congratulatory comments! We are super excited about Sam being a big brother. (Confused? See this post from last week.)

Answers to the standard questions, for those interested:

  • The pre-name is Tyrone. (The real name will not be.)
  • Tyrone’s due date is September 18, which is Grandma Cindi’s birthday! So M is almost 14 weeks along.
  • Sam knows that there’s a baby in Mommy’s tummy, and that he’s going to be a big brother “in the fall.” He seems to be remembering it more often the last 2 weeks. And that he can’t jump on Mommy’s tummy like he can on Daddy’s.
  • We don’t think we’re going to find out if Tyrone’s a boy or girl. Seems like a fun surprise.
  • We hope Tyrone will be born in Prague! (It’s been donetwice— by our team members, with a third coming soon.) So join us in praying that God provides for us to be there this summer.

We look forward to more curly-headed round-bellied goodness to share with the rest of the world!