Blue Sky

the hunts in prague



(I finally got a bunch of videos ready to post, so get ready.)

After Sam’s bath we very recklessly swing him around in his towel. Until recently, I would swing him and count to 7, and we would repeat three times. (Sam is a creature of habit.) Now he’s taken over the counting.

2 thoughts on “Swing!

  1. Completely dangerous and fun – no wonder he loves it! And I didn’t know he could count to ten already (has that been happening for a while?)…anyway, he’s very smart 🙂

  2. He’s been counting for a few months now… I think he learned it from when he has to sit in time out ‘until I count to twenty.’ He doesn’t QUITE get the correlation bw the counting and the actual amount of things, ie- he may count your feet and end on five. It’s a work in progress.

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