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Boys’ Weekend

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Melissa spoke at a women’s conference for her parents’ church last weekend, so Sam & I had another of our famous boys’ weekends. It was off the chain.

As is often the case, things revolved around our eating. (Taping Sam is a challenge, as you’ll note, because he always wants to see the picture.)

And he liked the jambalaya just fine. At least the sausage.

Afterward: Sam’s first love, coo-kie.

I have never seen someone take so long to not even quite finish one cookie. Although it was pretty large.

It was very cold and very rainy all weekend, but by Saturday afternoon we had just been inside too long.

Sam had a lousy dinner Saturday night (yes, it happens to him too), so tragically he never knew these were waiting on him.

We had a fun man-time, but as always, we missed our queen very much and were very eager to have her back home!

One thought on “Boys’ Weekend

  1. he looks like such a big boy in the picture with the ball – love it! sad that i couldn’t get the video to work!

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