Blue Sky

the hunts in prague

11 thoughts on “Sam got a new cup.

  1. OH OH OH OH OH!!!!! YAY!!!! CONGRATS!(I hope this is an announcement “hunt style.” otherwise, I feel really goofy right now!)

  2. Yay!!!! Congrats yall! That is a very nice cup! Hope you are feeling well Melissa! When are you due???

  3. He’s need a cup that says “I just found out that I’m gonna be a big brother and all I got was this lousy cup.”

  4. just a joke…the cup is great.

  5. Yay! That’s awesome!! I was wondering when a second child would be joining your ranks! 🙂 Now we get to watch another Hunt cutie grow up!

  6. Booyah. The first one turned out really well, so I’m quite excited to see what kind of awesome #2 is.

  7. woo hoo!!! two is even better than one! so exciting! and, i love the cup…very creative, but i would expect nothing less from the hunts.

  8. Congrats!! Very cute way to share the news.

  9. Ahhh! Congratulations!

  10. What?!?! That’s awesome!! How far along are y’all (Melissa)?

  11. Yayyy! congratulations. That’s awesome

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