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On the Run


Sam is at the little-boy stage where he runs everywhere he goes. The other day we were both running out in the yard and I noticed he was very carefully studying my arms, then imitating what I was doing. So now he has this funny run, which you can see especially in a couple of points below.

Related: it’s easy to entertain him. “Sam, you wanna go outside and run?”

3 thoughts on “On the Run

  1. So cute! And good filming, Jake – I was a little worried when you were filming and walking backwards. I thought an accident was coming for sure.

  2. what a motivating runner…I’d like to be his running partner. Could you talk to him for me? I think he runs longer than me though, so I’ll need to train a bit more before we get word verification is “hoolot”

  3. ditto on the strong work keeping Sam in the frame while walking backwards

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