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the hunts in prague

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Our second week at MTI has been incredible. We’ve learned SO much and made SO many wonderful friends. Tears, laughs, heartaches and expectations have been part of every day, but we wouldn’t trade it for the world!

The snow stayed on the ground an incredible FIVE DAYS after the storm passed. We’ve since come up with a LOT of different ways to play with it.
snowballs on the slide

snowballs in the puddles

sledding in the grass

We set up a ping-pong tournament in the rec room.
It’s double elimination. And I’ve been, uhm, eliminated.

Jake’s had better luck, is still in the tournament (thank you, RTS) and even made a good showing on the football field.

We’ve learned and learned and LEARNED from the amazing staff of former missionaries here.

Sam continues to really enjoy his friends.

We’re still struggling with eating at meals…

…but the turmoil miraculously disappeared with s’mores at the bonfire last night.

Stay tuned… more updates from our trip to the zoo today coming soon!

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MTI is built kind of like a big ski lodge, which makes snowy weekends pretty fun.

Sam and his new friend Ella were born one hour apart. Based on curls and cheeks, they could probably pass for fraternal twins.

We left our camera downstairs last night. Alex found it.

Eli and Sam workin’ it.