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the hunts in prague

Starting MTI


Here’s one spectacular view of our home for the next 3 weeks.

More benefits: A mountain view from the playground. Oh yeah, and a playground.

The first morning Sam and Daddy were a bit jet-lagged. Like, 5 AM jet-lagged. We did lots of things before breakfast. The fort was Mommy’s idea.

This one is for the RTS guys. We have a Ping-Pong table, so I’m passing my mediocrity on to the next generation.

More specific updates for those interested:

  • We are happy. The training is great, we’re making lots of good friends, and the facility is perfect for what we’re doing, especially with lots of kids.
  • Sam is doing really well. He has his own class, and they have real purposeful activities every day. (He also has his own cubby and a hook for his coat. For some reason I just think that’s great.)
  • The one thing Sam is not doing well at is eating. Strange, I know. But please pray for him– he’s whining through every meal, pouring drinks out, the whole nine yards. We eat in big groups, which he’s having a tough time getting used to. So our biggest prayer request is honestly that he’ll have a better time at meals. (For obvious reasons, we’re more concerned with attitude than nutrition.)
  • You can pray for us too. The sessions are really good, but emotionally taxing, because we’re talking about hard stuff. It is great to talk about what missionary life looks like with other people who are walking through it too. Please pray that we’ll embrace the hard stuff, open up with our new friends, and grow a lot in the process.

We’ll have more pictures soon. It started snowing tonight and isn’t supposed to stop until Saturday night!


3 thoughts on “Starting MTI

  1. we miss you already…hurry back!

  2. Beautiful place! Praying for you guys!

  3. will be praying for you… and Sam

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