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the hunts in prague

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Are We Really Old Enough for This?

My mom & I helped throw a baby shower for my sweet friend, Julie. We’ve been constants in each others’ lives since second grade. Her little girl, Mia, is coming in July.

Everyone feels a little less bulky in black & white. Especially if you’re both pregnant.
She has 5 weeks to go. I have at least 16.

My mom’s crowd is waaay into the petit four scene. These were cute.

Julie’s mom and sisters.

Thanks for letting us celebrate you, Friend!

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Get Your Study On

This is what my world is looking like right now:

I’m studying for the PCA’s ordination exams. Our denomination takes ordination very seriously (as well they should): there are six written exams and oral exams before 2 committees before going before the presbytery (the regional body of elders) for the final oral exam. I took the Bible exam yesterday, and it took me nearly 5 hours. This tops anything I ever had to do in seminary, although I’m grateful that RTS prepared me well.

We had already planned a trip for next week, so I’ve bowed out and am taking advantage of a silent house to study pretty much nonstop. I have to have the written exams done by June 15, so no pressure.

I’m already missing the family like crazy, but they left me a little something:

That’ll get you through some long days of staring at the computer screen.


Birthday Enchantment Continues

The weekend after I returned from Prague, we headed to Georgia to celebrate all kinds of birthday goodness and to do some support raising.

Thanks to all our schedule weirdness this year, Sam has no clue that normal birthdays only last a day. Or that most people only get one birthday cake a year. But needless to say, he was thrilled with his very own mountain of cookies, topped off by a special celebrity friend:

No thanks Grampa, I will not turn away from my treat to look at the camera:

Mmmmm… everyone loves a good cookie mountain.

The next morning, we celebrated Jake with a birthday [+8 days] breakfast. And by letting him sleep in, with a special wakeup call:

Then off to the pool. At a temperature only kids will put up with.

He passed out in the car before we even got out of the neighborhood.

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Sam & Celia

Some more pictures from our weekend in WR. Sam and his cousin Celia are really getting to where they play together and have a great time, especially when their Nene has a playground and a yard about the size of Rhode Island.

Nene’s flowers were well taken care of that weekend.

Sometimes the grass needs a little water too.

The morning of Lauren’s graduation I, selfless father and uncle that I am, gave up my seat at the ceremony– you know, the one where they call out every person’s name— and played with the kids. (sigh) The things we do for family. But if I may brag for a moment, my little sister graduated magna cum laude from Mercer’s business school, with 2 kids, one of whom is 6 weeks old! My girl’s wicked smaht, and she’s worked her tail off the past few years. We are very proud of her!

Anyway, cousin shenanigans: