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MTI- Week Three


Our last week of training was like the others- emotional, draining, convicting… and wonderful.

We started the week with a visit to New Life Church- a Colorado Springs mega church that was in the news recently. Talk about a lot of people.

Their nursery system was amazing. Sam was in one of three classrooms just for kids 19-23months! Note the special tag for his ‘assets’ (his cup & diaper).

PRAISE THE LORD- The boy seemed to finally adjust and began eating like his old self. Thanks for your prayers!

On Tuesday afternoon we went down the street for a quick bowl.

There were late night games of Catan…

…and lots of hanging out.

2 thoughts on “MTI- Week Three

  1. Do I dare ask for bowling scores? I’m sure they were pretty high!Also, what is Catan? Don’t know this game… And glad to see Sam is eating well (happier) again.

  2. Cameron looks like quite the ladies’ man in that photo. Haha, either that or he looks like he’s falling asleep!!! Hi Melissa and Jake! Great job on the video, it is AWESOME!

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