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the hunts in prague



We had our 20-week ultrasound today. Last time that was an occasion for a big announcement, but we’ve decided to let it remain a mystery with Tyrone. (We’re assuming grandmas will be able to come up with girl stuff post-haste if the occasion calls for it.)

What we did learn today is that our new little one is doing great, everything looks normal, and we should be headed for another healthy baby!

Also that Tyrone is quite the looker.

Profile, on back with head facing up.

6 thoughts on “Tyrone!

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  2. What’s your due date? Sounds like we’re along the same timeline. I’m due September 17th. THat’s so fun! We’re having a boy. After having a girl…I’m not sure what to expect. :)Lori Lovelady

  3. Are you back home now? This baby is going to be a looker.

  4. So exciting. Glad you little guy is healthy! Love you guys.

  5. Sweet, precious, Tyrone!!!!! Can’t wait to meet you!!

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