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It’s A Jungle Out There


Our last Saturday at MTI was spent at the area zoo. It was set into the face of a mountain and we had a blast hiking our way around the exhibits.

We got to feed the giraffes!
[Jake also fed them a $5 bill, which the zookeepers were gracious to recover for us. Oops!]

These lions seemed to know how to pose for a picture.

This guy was just roaming around, cage-free.

The hippo was Sam’s absolute favorite.

Our last stop: the gorillas.

We actually saw the oragutans, too, but this is a family blog, so those pictures aren’t posted (!!!!)

Here’s a video summary:

3 thoughts on “It’s A Jungle Out There

  1. hippo’s? Does Sam like to swim/the water?Looks like a lot of fun – though cold!

  2. What a cool zoo…all the animals are so close.

  3. Two of my favorite parts – 1. Melissa’s commentary on the lizard and 2. Jake’s reactions. I love that the three of you enjoyed it just as much as the other!Glad that y’all had a great time in CO. We’ll keep praying!

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