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Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch…


While Mommy is busy putting out the fire in Ms. Connice’s shoes, Sam and I have had a great week in Charlotte. A special shout out goes to the Dirks, who totally spoiled us yesterday as Carrie, Maggie and Henry played with Sam in the morning, they had us for dinner (including birthday cake for me and Sam!) last night, and then Tyler and I had a man-date to see the Wood Brothers.

M has the standard camera in Prague, and at home we are using the still feature of our camcorder, which is pretty impressive but still not ideal. So it’s not quite as easy to chronicle every little moment, but we’re doing what we can.

This is how giddy we get at the thought of jambalaya.

Some of that facial chub is coming back… at least enough to stash a bink in.

We’ve played T-ball for months, but Sam has always called it “HIT IT!” It was a little bittersweet when he started using the real name this week.

Permit me a word regarding the RTS shirt. I freely confess he wore it both Monday and Wednesday. He barely left the house Monday, so no shame. This morning I had him in a clean shirt, on which he spilled inconsequential amounts of milk and yogurt. But he doesn’t like to be dirty, so… “I want shirt off.” Not willing to sabotage our departure, I grabbed the nearest shirt and we were off. Maybe RTS will refund some of my tuition for the publicity.

Today we headed to Georgia for a couple of days, because my sister graduates from Mercer (with honors!) this weekend. After a quick visit with Gaffer in Greenville, we headed south and made a stop in Athens, where Daddy had a surprise planned.

I had been planning for a while to get him a new Georgia hat. When we walked into the store he was immediately excited by all the Georgia stuff. But when I put that hat on his head, a slow smile spread across his face, and he started repeating “Sam Georgia hat. Red hat. Sam hat.” He was so excited it was indescribable. He didn’t take it off the rest of the day.

I’m serious.

It stayed on the whole nap, and he immediately started talking about it when he woke up.

In Warner Robins, Sam was excited as always to play with Celia. Today was even better because Nene has a new playground in her backyard! (I have a feeling the people at Toys R Us in WR know my grandmother by name.)

This is our new niece, Cora Faith Barnett. “Cora a guul.”

We miss our Queen very, very much. A few times a day Sam says “I want Mommy,” and I respond “Me too, buddy.” But we are having some special daddy and son time I wouldn’t trade for the world. Have fun Mommy, and come back soon!

2 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch…

  1. That picture in the high chair is stellar– sooo sweet!Let me guess– in the shot with the backwards hat on, he is playing with the Old McDonald thing on Pammie’s fridge.Hug your fam for me– especially sweet Cora!

  2. The UGA hat story is priceless. No video? Oh, a man and his boy in Athens…so sweet!!

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