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The Birthday

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We’ll do more specifics on some of these later, but here’s what we did on the boy’s big day.

First, we woke up to a quick phone call from Mommy! She’s 6 hours ahead and was about to leave on her retreat, but it was awesome.

That got us off to a happy start, so we ran around a little.

We opened the cards and drawings Mommy left. They were so special, and made just for Sam!

We had pancakes. (Some readers know that our special-occasion bar for pancakes is pretty low.)

We went to the Museum of Aviation, pretty much Warner Robins’ only tourist attraction. We got to climb inside some airplanes! Sam loved it.

We went to a playground, where I didn’t take any pictures.

We went to Chick-Fil-A. When Sam saw the building he exclaimed “Chicken nuggets! Yay, Daddy, yay!” And, of course, we had a milkshake. As is often the case, I think he got more than me.

We talked to Gaffer on the phone. Then after a nap, we went to play at Nene’s again.

While we were there, we Skyped with Ooo-La-La and Grampa, who we’ll see next weekend. And later we talked to Lucy and Ellie too!

Then we had a cookout! And one of Sam’s favorite summer treats, laterwelon. A lot of it. (This is piece #3.)

We opened presents from great grandmas!

And we had birthday cake #2! (With 2 to go, I think.)

We had a great day with a very excited boy. Tomorrow we get to play with Celia in the morning during Lauren’s graduation, then we have her party, and one more road trip back home. Then we get ready to see Mommy again, and I know two boys who think Monday can’t come soon enough!

One thought on “The Birthday

  1. Whoa!!! What a wonderful day!! I love you, sweet 2-year-old!!!

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