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Birthday Shouts Out for Sam

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(I happened to notice that this is our 600th post! We may abandon you for a couple of weeks at a time, but I give us points for perseverance.)

Not only did Sam have an awesome time eating, partying, and seeing airplanes on his birthday, he also got lots of fun birthday wishes from all over.

  • A couple of days early, Ms. Carrie and Maggie made him Cake #1 and sang for both of us.
  • Ms. Jessica gave him his very own, and very sweet, blog post.
  • The McCanns Skyped so Lucy could sing him Happy Birthday.
  • He got an armadillo postcard from the Wynnes.
  • He got a birthday video from birthday-sharer Ella, one of our Colorado friends.
  • We got a phone call from Mr. Jeremiah in S Africa (which we regrettably missed while in one of the many dead zones between Warner Robins and Athens).

I’m probably leaving someone out– if that someone is you, please forgive us! Sam had a great birthday and still asks for “Happy Birthday cake” at least two or three times a day.

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