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Fording the Vltava

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On Saturday afternoon several ladies on the retreat rafted down the river Vltava.
‘Rafting’ is a loose term here. It was more like the Lazy River at White Water than the rapids of Tennessee. Perfect for a pregnant woman and lots of fun.

My fellow rafters- Talitha, Jessica, Inge & Pavla.

Our crew attempting to look serious.

The seriousness was interrupted when we saw the team ahead of us stuck on a rock.
I say I’m not competitive, but note my unbridled joy.

I always always laugh when I’m with Jessica. Just thought this was a cute shot of her.

And it’s moments like these that make me laugh so much.

For some reason I thought it would be funny to squeeze our heads into our life jackets and take a picture. Forbes pulled it off better than I did. I just look like I’m searching for a pen.

Our head oarswoman tried to take a break and let the rest of us pick up her slack.

Nothing better after a long, strenuous river trip than ice cream on a stick!


One thought on “Fording the Vltava

  1. these pics/video are so silly and fun. glad to be a raftswoman with you. love!

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