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the hunts in prague

"I want no Daddy birthday. I want Sam birthday, please."

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That’s how Sam greeted me Sunday morning when I said, “Sam, today is another special day! It’s Daddy’s birthday!” But no worries– his outlook improved through the day.

After a great morning at church (you can’t beat getting to teach SS, a killer sermon from Pastor Tom, and the Lord’s Supper), some guy friends took us out for a birthday man-lunch at Hawthorne’s. (Sam ate about 2/3 of a small pizza. Not a kid’s pizza, mind you, but a small.)

“I want that one please.” Also heard frequently: “I eat pizza. Michael eat pizza.”

Sam & I had a fun afternoon and evening, some more guy friends came over to enjoy a great (if soggy) evening on the back porch. (It’s a formula, but it works.)

(Stockment took one for the team by taking, and thus being absent from, the pictures.)

Then the best present of all: Melissa came home! And sure enough, she had great prizes:

A new pipe from a very cool pipe shop in Prague.

And a copy of this brand-new Czech translation of the Bible. Our team in Prague knows the lead translator; learn more here.

Finally, the fun got extended even more with a surprise Monday lunch with Dave, Adam & Tyler from Mac’s Speed Shop, which has some of the best barbeque in Charlotte. Sadly, we did not take a picture.

A very special thanks to M and my guy friends for planning ahead to make my birthday special while she was gone!

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