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the hunts in prague

Sam & Celia

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Some more pictures from our weekend in WR. Sam and his cousin Celia are really getting to where they play together and have a great time, especially when their Nene has a playground and a yard about the size of Rhode Island.

Nene’s flowers were well taken care of that weekend.

Sometimes the grass needs a little water too.

The morning of Lauren’s graduation I, selfless father and uncle that I am, gave up my seat at the ceremony– you know, the one where they call out every person’s name— and played with the kids. (sigh) The things we do for family. But if I may brag for a moment, my little sister graduated magna cum laude from Mercer’s business school, with 2 kids, one of whom is 6 weeks old! My girl’s wicked smaht, and she’s worked her tail off the past few years. We are very proud of her!

Anyway, cousin shenanigans:

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